Project brief:

Based on the insights from the consumer research, business has decided to give control to the user to build their package. We worked on redesigning the Build order tool (BOT) and introducing it much further in the sales journey.

What I did:

  • Moderated Design sprint.
  • Conducted Stakeholder meetings.
  • Involved in writing Use cases based on the requirements.
  • Created sketches, wireframes and prototypes based on the use cases.
  • Writing discussion guides and test scripts for the one-to-one user testing with the real customers.
  • Planned, arranged and moderated user testing sessions with prospects.
  • Demonstrated my solutions to development and testing teams to get their estimations and to address their questions.
  • Helping testing team in creating and finalising the test scripts based on the Use cases.
  • Liaised with Visual designers and Front-end developers, briefing them on the scenarios as well guiding them about the interactions.
  • Attended defect triage calls to address the issues in closing the tickets and addressing the digital QA issues.

User journey: Daytona Phase 3 + Fixed mobile conversion

Showing the user journey for the Daytona Phase 3 and Fixed mobile conversion in the new proposition.

Design sprint and its outcome

The processs we have gone through during our Design sprint.

1. Understanding the problem

We did sort of a user testing with the Stakeholders. We gave them few tasks and ask them to perform on the page, listed all the painpoints in their purchase journey.
15 stake holders has been interviewed, 68 pain points identified.

2. Ideation

Identified painpoints were themed accordingly and based on the themes indentified 5 modules (Header, Product navigation, Category navigation, Content cards, Basket summary) that needs to be addressed on the page
47 sketches created for both mobile & desktop

3. Decision making

Reviewed all sketches and communicated pros and cons. Validated sketches with Technology, then Business. Decide which ones have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal.
2 voting sessions held, 17 votes received.

4. Prototyping

Agreed on the tasks that you would like the user to perform in the testing, deciding on the level of fidelity to build a prototype.
1 prototype created, 10 prospects recruited

5. User testing

Performed User testing with 10 candidates of different age groups and produced a report.

Old design Vs New design

Below is the layout for the Old Vs New BOT pagewe have designed.

Improvements in the new design:

  • Navigation: We made clear about the product categories, sub-categories along with their add-ons
  • Order summary: Clearly showing the items thats been added to the basekt
  • Content cards: Improved the information presented within the cards. 

Final Output