Project brief:

I was commissioned by a company called ‘Capital Cube’ based in Canada to help them in redesigning their responsive website -, improving the usability and user experience of the site.


  • Limited insights about their website and they don’t want to change the existing code too much on their site.
  • They don’t have time to complete the content strategy. Eg: What level of information should be displayed and what can be hidden to reduce the scroll on mobile.

What I did:

  • Created sitemap by understanding the site structure.
  • Interviewed stakeholders, marketing people to understand their requirements.
  • Liaised with Capital Cube development team to understand their technical limitations and how they would expect to get the handover.
  • Responsibile for doing the competitor analysis, defining the interaction design and creating the visual designs.
  • As it is my first time working on the stocks related website, I tried to understand the business and its terminology
  • I looked at their competitors and few other websites to understand how they are showcasing the complex data on their websites especially on mobile.
  • This website have so much of data to be presented to the customers, it was a big challenge about how to make the hidden data evident to customers in few areas.
  • Based on the limited insights, for few areas of the site we started doing the hypothesis designs (Stock screeners, EFT screeners).
  • I came up with different options to show the tabular data, but as they don’t want to vastly change the existing code, the easy implemented options has been chosen to display the content in the tables.

Stock screener flow:

Series of steps showing for the Stock Screener on Mobile version

Competitor Analysis

LD Micro, Morning Star, Share Investor, TradingView, Yahoo finance, Zacks and few other stock related website to understand how they are presenting the complex information on their site.

Final Output

This is how the visuals have turned out based on the provided wireframes.