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I know this is a bit odd to take pictures at WCs and writing a blog article on it but initially, when I noticed these well-known icons of Gents & Ladies WCs were represented differently in few places, I thought I should start capturing these. As my collection is growing, I realised there are a lot of creative ideas has been flowing around these.


Bounce, Shoreditch – London
Bounce is a pub famous for their ping-pong tables. Hence they have represented these icons playing ping-pong.


Potli Indian Restaurant, Kings St, Hammersmith, London
It’s an Indian restaurant, so they tried to represent these with the faces of man and woman in Indian traditional dress. For Indian food lovers, this place is highly recommended.


Delhi Airport
Representing these with a man and women photographs in the Indian traditional dress.


Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
These icons showing man and woman in their traditional attire


Cruise toilets – Loch Maree, Scotland


Pizza Express – Olympia, London
The alternate white and black horizontal lines are the part of their branding, their staff also wears T-Shirts / Tops which have the same pattern. These icons were as per their branding.




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